Jet Ski Tips For Beginners – Its Never Too Late!

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January 10, 2019
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Jet Ski Tips For Beginners – Its Never Too Late!

Jet Ski in Dubai

Are you one of those adrenaline junkies who are on the lookout for exciting new things to try out? Then perhaps its time for you to give your best shot at a jet ski in Dubai! Jet skiing is one of the most fun and exciting water sport you can try out while in Dubai and now you can easily rent one for the most affordable rates. All you have to do is get ready for a whole new experience and of course, a good soaking in the sea!


Although we agree that its great fun to ride a jet ski for the first time, safety comes first. Like any water sports activity, jet ski also involves risks of getting an injury. However, if you listen well to your guidelines, you can easily keep worries away and have a great time in jet skiing. So here are a few tips to help you enjoy your first ride on a jet ski in Dubai –


Keep your Vehicle straight


It is natural for first-time jet ski riders to find it difficult to keep the jet ski straight. However, there is a little trick that can help you with this. Instead of staring at the handlebars or the water in the front of the vehicle, look off into a distance. Lifting your head up and focusing on a distance will help you drive straight and enjoy your trip.

If you still find it difficult to keep your view straight, try focusing on a distant object in the water, like a water buoy, and steer towards it.


Never take your hands of the Throttle


The jet ski shoots a water jet out of the back, which is what allows the vehicle to go forward. The jet has a natural movement of going side to side. A there is no rudder, slowing down or stopping can be quite tough. When you try to stop the vehicle the first time, chances are that you will lose your ability to steer properly. However, it is strongly advised that even if an emergency arises, you need to avoid a collision by steering away from it by keeping your finger on the throttle. Taking your hand away from the throttle in panic will not stop the vehicle.


Re-boarding your Jet Ski


People fall of jet ski all the time, it’s no big a deal. Falling off the jet ski is part of the whole jet skiing experience. When you fall off the jet ski, you can always reboard a ski form the stern (back side). All you have to do is simply reach up to the handle behind the seat and pull urself up from the water and back on to the vehicle. Attempting to reboard the jet ski form the side will cause the vehicle to skip. So we advise you to take it slow. Relax in the water, regain your strength and then get back on board the jet ski.


Relax your hold


Many of the first time riders get tired and feel soreness on their hands and shoulders. This is mostly because of a tight hold on the handle and putting yourself in a stressful position. Try leaning forward instead and relax your hold slightly. While leaning forward, just be careful not to hit your chin or nose on the handlebar as this could injure you more.

By following these riding tips, you can now easily get ready for riding a jet ski in Dubai. Just relax your body, focus your mind and enjoy the fun ride!