Jet Ski Dubai – Wetsuit Vs Drysuit Which is the Best?

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Jet Ski Dubai – Wetsuit Vs Drysuit Which is the Best?

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Whether you are wearing a wetsuit or drysuit, the aim is the same – to keep the body warm while you are enjoying the ride. The difference between the both lies in the material used and how each functions.

Wetsuit  – How It Works
Jet Ski Dubai – Wetsuits are made with neoprene and are constructed to hug the wearer tightly. As the name suggests, when wearing a wetsuit, the wearer gets wet. However, the suit has a layer that traps water between the skier’s body and the suit, allowing the person’s body temperature to heat up the water and keep him or her warm throughout the ride. So, even though you are wet, the suit keeps you warm throughout the skiing session. A wetsuit is most suitable for warm to moderately cold water. Essentially, it is suitable for Jet Skiing during the summer and early winter in Dubai. A quality wetsuit can last for up to 3 to 5 years.

Drysuit – How It Works
Jet Ski Dubai – Drysuits are made of several layers with the one aim to keep you warm by ensuring your body remains dry during Jet skiing. Mostly, drysuits are made from rubber or a combination of rubber and foamed neoprene subjected to extra watertight treatment. Though they offer extra layers of protection, wetsuits can be heavy and bulky to put on. As a result, drysuits are mostly worn during the colder period in winter. Drysuits are quite expensive to buy and maintain but can last more than 10 years

Jet Ski Dubai – Wetsuit Vs Drysuit Which Should You Wear
Opinion on this issue is often divided. However, in most cases, the choice between wetsuit and drysuit depend on certain factors. First of all, the suit to be worn depends on the season ( the water temperature). During the colder weather like winter, it is common usually advisable to wear drysuit to ensure maximum protection from the cold water, should you tumble.

On the other hand, it is common practice to see Jet skiers wear wetsuits during the hotter seasons when the water temperature is warm or moderately cold. The thickness of the wetsuit also matters as thicker ones can be worn during colder weather. Another important factor to consider is your sensitivity to the temperature water condition.

That said, the choice depends on personal preference as both essential for anyone going Jet Skiing. However, considering the weather, and your sensitivity is also very important.

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