7 Important Safety Rules for an Injury-free Jet Skiing Experience

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7 Important Safety Rules for an Injury-free Jet Skiing Experience

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If you live in Dubai or have plans to visit the city, Jet skiing in Dubai should be on your bucket list. There is nothing as breathtaking as cruising around the Dubai coastline on a powerful watercraft – the experience is unforgettable.

But as amazing as it sounds, Jet Skiing isn’t a sport for the faint-hearted. And for the brave, what seems like fun could turn into a nightmare in the twinkle of an if safety measures are not taking seriously.

If you want to enjoy an injury-free, fun-filled time Jet Skiing in Dubai, make sure to always observe the following safety rules:

Always Wear a Life Jacket: This may seem obvious but a lot of people neglect this all-important safety measure; especially the experienced Jet Skiers. If you strap your seat belt each time you sit in your car, you should take wearing your life jacket even more seriously. Jet Skis move at an incredible speed and wave conditions can sometimes make balancing a Jet Ski difficult. So, wearing a life jacket can help increase your chances of survival should an accident occur.


Always Be on the Lookout for Danger: The Dubai coastline is always overflowing with swimmers, surfers, boat-riders and Jet Skiers. So, always stay alert to avoid collision and injuries. Always be cautious and consider other users while Jet Skiing in Dubai.


Read Instruction and Safety Manuals: Jet Skis come equipped with safety features including kill switches and wrist straps and kill switches. It is very important to read the manuals and ask questions regarding the functions of these features and how to use them during emergency situations is very important.


Avoid Taking Alcohol/Intoxicants Prior to Riding a Jet Ski: While it is prohibited to drink while riding, it is equally important that you do not drink before mounting a Jet Ski. You may not be punished if no one saw you. But staying sober before riding a Jet Ski is an important safety precaution that you shouldn’t neglect.


Control Your Speed and Moves: While it is fun and you may be tempted to operate your Jet Ski in a full throttle and perform different moves that you have seen in movies, being careful can allow you to enjoy the same fun while staying safe. The safest thing to do is to keep the speed within the limit that you can control.


Wear a Watercraft Helmet: Accidents happen unannounced. Wearing a watercraft helmet can help prevent head injuries during accidents.


Rent From a Good Company: Having a well-maintained Jet Ski can make a lot of difference. If you want to have an amazing experience while staying safe at the same time, make sure to rent from a company known for maintaining their watercraft.

If you are still not sure of the best company in Dubai to rent a Jet Ski from, Jet Ski Dubai is your best bet.

And remember to observe these important safety precautions while Jet Skiing in Dubai to enjoy the ride while staying safe.