5 Key Steps To Winterize A Jet Ski

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January 16, 2019
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5 Key Steps To Winterize A Jet Ski


A jet ski is much favoured personal watercraft (PWC) that many people use for fun and for sporting. Jet Skiing a common sight in Dubai even during the winter. Unlike many other countries, UAE has a much more pleasant winter and hence it is still a good time to ride a jet ski in Dubai.


However, it is still important to calibrate a jet ski to withstand the winter conditions. Lower temperatures can easily cause issues for the vehicle. So it is important to winterize a jet ski to keep it in prime condition throughout the year.


Although there are slight differences in the maintenance procedures between different PWCs, the basic steps are as given here. If you own a jet ski of your own, it’s still a good idea to have a look at these simple techniques to calibrate your vehicle to withstand the winter.


Draining the water


Jet ski’s use the water from the see to cool and regulate the temperature of its engine parts when it gets hot. This water if left in the vehicle for a long time, it can lead to corrosion. Also, substances like algae, dirt, and sand can also get trapped inside the jet ski causing further degradation to the vehicle.


To drain the jet ski, incline the front end higher than the back using a jet ski lift. Turn on the jet ski for a period of 30 seconds, with occasional throttle busts. Do this thrice with a two minute resting period in between. This can drain out the water from a jet ski.


Maintaining fuel tank and Engine


For the maintenance of the fuel tank, use a fuel stabilizer to fill the tank. Once the stabilizer is poured, fill the tank to all the way up with the fuel. Keeping a full tank will prevent condensation buildup during winter. Once this is done, start the jet ski and let it run for 30 seconds. Do this twice with a one minute resting period in between. This will mix up the fuel and stabilizer completely.


Internal maintenance


By spraying fogging oil into the engine, every internal component is kept lubricated. As not all engines are the same, read the manual to make sure how to do this step. In any standard jet ski, you have to take the covers off the carburettors and wipe it clean.  Start up the jet ski engine and spray the fogging spray into each cylinder until it stalls out. This keeps all the moving parts lubed up.


Now remove the spark plugs and spray the oil into the plug chambers. Keep the chambers covered and run the engine a bit to spread the lubrication. Now you can keep the spark plugs in place.


Check the batteries


For checking the batteries, locate the battery at the back of the vehicle and disconnect the positive and negative terminals. Keep it connected to a trickle charger for slow charging and away from the cold when not in use. This helps keep the batteries in good condition.


Polish and Shine


To give your jet ski a good wash, hose it down completely with soapy water and sponge it nicely to wash off the dirt. If you want your jet ski to shine, give it a nice waxing. Once it starts shining on the out, its time to empty the trash from the glove box if any. Cover and store the jet sky in a dry place when not in use.


Whatever the season is, it is always good to follow proper maintenance for the jet ski in Dubai for the proper functioning of the vehicle.